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What is the definition of an "Ace"?
To be dazzlingly skilled!

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Welcome to the "World Ace Challenge"!

Located in the United States, on the border of Oklahoma and Texas, across the street from exciting Winstar Casino. The World Ace Challenge is the race of a life-time with entries only from the best pigeon flyers around the world!

World ACE Challenge Race 2016

We are very anxious to begin another Race for 2016.

We loft fly all the pigeons over 2 hours daily in the morning when weather permit. Right now, at the World ACE Challenge Race loft the weather cools down just a little bit but still above 90 degrees. Our rigorous training program will start at early October after the duck season. Your birds will be trained to the best of our ability. So far everything is on schedule. Our goal is to prepare them well for the Race and keep them healthy. World ACE Challenge Race will provide regular updates on the progressions of the training tosses through the training period.

Thanks for your support. Good luck to everyone.


Phone: (972)896-6888

Email: worldacechallenge@yahoo.com

Please CLICK here to view A race Average Speed pigeons 2015 result

Please CLICK here to view C race Average Speed pigeons 2015 result




* Any questions please call (972) 896-6888



Weather Permit

1. 150 miles  11-12-2016

4. 300 miles 12- 03-2016

2. 200 miles  11-19-2016

5. 350 miles  12-10-2016

3. 250 miles  11-26-2016

6. 400 miles  12-18-2016

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Feel free and check the local weather in your area.



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